Collective Intelligence: the Power Behind your Projects.

Every Success is a Collaborative Achievement.

At its core, BeeSwedge is a story. The story of four people who, by working together as a team and learning from each other, ended up sitting down together and drawing up a plan to turn their business idea into concrete action.

As a fruitful organization in which mutual support and diverse skills serve a common purpose, our vision was heavily inspired by that of a beehive.

We believe that any success is a collective achievement, and therefore its benefits must also be collective.

We were founded in May 2019, fueled by many dreams and a lot of ambition.

Growing Together Responsibly

It is our organization future’s wish to serve as collective interest. It will respect its ecosystem, its employees, its customers, and its partners, and push them towards positive change. Our organization will take on daily responsibilities for the great social and environmental issues facing the world, with both humility and conviction.

Growth, while important, will be done efficiently, in order to respect our core values as an organization.

Our growth will be determined by the development of knowledge in our workforce, by the diversification of our projects and expertise, and by the extension of our different areas of activity. Geographic expansion is one of our short-term objectives: we don’t need to be a big multinational corporation to adapt to different markets!

How is our Growth Objective Put into Practice at BeeSwedge?

Our Employees

We aim to provide exciting challenges and career paths for our current and future employees, taking their full potential and aspirations into account, however diverse these may be. We know that ambitions and goals are not always given room to grow within a strict framework of daily tasks. They evolve and they sometimes require working spaces and hours that are organized with greater agility. We want to always be able to offer a listening ear, frameworks and concrete support systems.

Our Knowledge

We believe that a company based on sharing and transmission of knowledge represents a great opportunity to joing our team. Knowledge-sharing is a powerful lever for creativity: the development of our business will have less to do with our capital value, and more to do with our ability to create, use, combine and disseminate knowledge. We hold this ability as the main “growth multiplier” in the consulting industry.

Our Customers

We want to exemplify excellence and innovation through our offers and through our expertise. We want to be able to combine active listening, sincerity, and creativity with extreme rigor and high quality, to never assume we are omniscient and never take anything for granted as well as continually questioning ourselves. We also never want to stop learning, regardless of our degree of seniority, seek out new approaches and give ourselves the tools we need to create our own path. Whatever the project process, we venture to gather all the existing internal expertise on difficult subjects to ensure the best chance of success for our customers.

Our Geographical Expansion

We wish to implement a “satellite” organization to work as closely as possible with our national and/or global customers. In our industry, proximity is a key condition for compatibility and quality of service, which means developping our international presence.

Our next step is to define our business plan and the resulting development strategy. The opening of our newest office of approximately 20 employees will involve recruiting from a pool of local talents and international applicants (open to our French colleagues), while relaying on a network of local partners to secure the commercial launch.

Embody an alternative to large consulting firm by offering an agile and specialized offer

Operations Strategy

How to Transform

Most companies are aware of the stakes that rule their industry, what their key strengths and weaknesses are, and what strategies they are looking to adopt – but they don’t always know how to implement it. Of course, we can’t teach an automotive facturer how to build a futuristic car; but we can help them transform themselves so they’ll start producing the vehicle of their dreams by tomorrow. Our contribution is thus to make sure operational decisions are taken at the company level within the organization itself.

Implementing blueprints, reorganizing departments and Business Units in depth, supporting management practices that produce outcomes and performance contracts, and scaling decisions so that things get done at the right level are all part of the way we’re adapting everyday ways of working and acting to the COMEX challenges of today.

Project Management

How to Manage Successful Projects

The project’s success depends on several factors. The methodology we use, based on PMP principles, breaks down each phase of the pre-project and project to identify strategic milestones, achieve decision and risk transparency, and calibrate steering efforts to match the scope of the project.

We have the capacity to drive projects by ourselves, but also to audit them and to propose various organizations and project plans, while always remaining aware that the simplest thing often turns out to be the most difficult challenge: cultivating unflinching motivation and solidarity among teams in the context of a large project, where most tasks are performed under pressure.

Project Ownership

How to Improve the Efficiency of Day-to-Day Operations

Correctly defining needs – identifying true needs – is often the key to ensuring your project is tightly-controlled. Our knowledge of both a majority of back-office and a number of front-office functions allows us to help companies identify the minimum and best value of a project and to provide the means of choosing the target content within this analysis framework.

To manage this, we help define needs, either by using agile methods or through the more traditional technique of outlining requirements and processes.

Our ambition is to create an open firm that transcends the codes of the consulting industry, attracts talents from varied backgrounds without bias and always listens to the desires, projects and passions of its employees.

At BeeSwedge, we recruit talent, but above all, we recruit character.

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